How to Buy a Domain Name

What you need to know about domain names, how to choose the right one, and the steps to take to check if a domain name is available and to register your domain.

What is a domain name?

Every website on the internet has an IP address. These addresses point to a website’s location — think of them like GPS coordinates. The IP address, which is generally a set of numbers, usually resembles something like this:

Unfortunately, trying to remember all of those numbers in order to navigate to a website can be challenging. That’s where domain names step in and lend a hand.

A structure called the Domain Name System (DNS) translates those IP addresses into names that are (hopefully) simple to remember. Those names are called domain names.

Your website's domain is what people enter into the address bar on their browsers to point it toward your website. In the simplest terms, if an IP address is your website’s GPS coordinates, the domain is its street address. Some examples are and

When someone types a domain into a browser, it gets routed through a DNS server. That server translates the name to figure out which IP address it points to. Then it grabs the data for that website and delivers it to the browser. This process happens in a matter of seconds, letting you find and view a website fast.

Types of domains
According to Verisign, there were over 360 million registered domains in 2019. The types you can buy vary greatly. To make the best choice, you need to first understand the anatomy of a domain, which is made of two main parts — a second-level domain (SLD) and a top-level domain (TLD).

Second-level domains (SLDs)

A second-level domain is what most people think of when they think of the name of a website. It’s the unique name that you choose to represent your brand because it’s the part that people will remember the most.

In a web address, an SLD appears just to the left of the extension, or top-level domain. It can contain as many letters, numbers, and special characters as you want, but it’s best to keep them short and easy.

How to purchase a domain from Sitechai

You first need to go to Sitechai. In there choose your desired website name like in the picture

Then press enter. If your domain not available then it will show like this

And If your domain is available then it will show like this

Then go on and add it to cart and click checkout. Then you'll find a Domains Configure Page. In there you do not need to change the nameservers.
Just tick the services you need and choose a hosting package. 

Then click use.

Then click checkout. 

Then fill up the form with actual information. This information will directly be used to register your domain. 


Click on complete order and pay with your respected payment method. 
Congratulations you have successfully registered and also got your desired hosting plan. Enjoy

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